D-R 808

Dust monitor


Suitability tested scattered light dust monitor for monitoring small to medium dust concentrations in dry flue or process gases.


  • Single-sided installation without optical alignment
  • Automatic zero and reference point check
  • Automatic contamination check and correction
  • Integrated purge air monitoring
  • QAL1 certified according to EN 15267-3
  • Compliant with US EPA 40 CFR 60 PS11
  • Lowest certification range 0 … 7.5 mg/m3


Continuous emission monitoring, e.g. in the following industries:

  • Waste incineration
  • Cement industry
  • Power industry
  • Wood industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Steel industry

Process monitoring, e.g.:

  • Monitoring of filter plants
  • Monitoring of ventilation systems

Technical Data

  • D-R 808 application data

    Flue gas type Air, flue gas, non flammable process gas
    Flue gas temperature Above dew point up to +350 °C
    optional up to 500 °C with additional components
    Inner duct pressure -50 … +50 hPa
    Flue gas relative humidity 0 … 95% rel. humidity, non-condensing
    Inner duct diameter > 0.3 m
  • D-R 808 general

    Measuring principle Forward scattering
    Conformities CE
    IED 2010/75/EU
    US-EPA 40 CFR 60 PS-11
    Certificates CE, QAL1 EN 14181:2015 / EN 15267-1:2009 / EN 15267-2:2009 / EN 15267-3:2008, MCERTS pending
    Measuring location In situ, probe in contact with flue gas, one-sided installation at the stack, no optical alignment
    Measuring sequence Continuous
    System components D-R 808 M measuring device
    D-TB 200 terminal box incl. purge air supply
    D-ISC 100 universal operating unit (option)
    Self-check, protective functions Automatic zero and reference point check
    Automatic contamination check and correction
    Integrated purge air monitoring (option)
    Connector for external purge air sensor or customer protective function supplied by the customer


  • D-R 808 measuring device

    Physical measuring value Scattered light units
    Derived measuring values Dust concentration in mg/m3 after gravimetric calibration
    Normalized dust concentration in mg/Nm3 after gravimetric calibration
    Measuring range dust concentration min. 0 …5 mg/m³
    max. 0 …200 mg/m³
    Output range dust concentration Output range freely programmable. Any range can be assigned to an analogue output.
    Certified measuring range Dust concentration
    0 … 7.5 mg/m³
    Integration time 1 … 180 s, programmable
    Light source Laser diode, 650 nm
    Process connection Flange, pitch circle 100 mm, DN70 PN6
    Digital interfaces RS 485 Modbus RTU, bi-directional communication, USB (Service)
    further with D-ISC 100
    Analogue outputs 1x 4-20mA, 400 Ohm, isolated, assignment parameterisable
    further with D-ISC 100
    Digital outputs 2 x contact NC/NO, permissible load 60 VDC / 30 VAC / 0.5 A,
    function can be assigned. Typically: maintenance, failure
    further with D-ISC 100
    Power supply 24 VDC, 0.5 A
    Operation D-ISC 100 universal operating unit (option)
    Service software D‑ESI 100, incl. remote access via web interface (option), requires PC with Windows OS
    Ambient temperature (operational) -40 … +60 °C
    IP protection class (IEC 60529) IP65
    Dimensions (hxwxd) 160 x 160 x 600 mm
    160 x 160 x 1000 mm (variants)
    Weight Approx. 3 kg / 7 kg (variants)
    Material Probe: 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
    Housing: Al cast alloy, blue painted
  • Remarks

    • The suitability of the D-R 808 for the listed ranges depends on the kind of dust, the size distribution and to a certain extend on the duct diameter.
    • Subject to technical modifications.