The emission of Polychlorinated PCDD/PCDF and PCBs shall be limited as much as possible,
to avoid increase of these components in the nutrition chain. In addition NH4Cl emissions
from stacks shall be limited to reduce resulting PM10 emissions, which are formed during
cooling of the stack emissions.
To measure PCDD/F in the emission samples two standards are applied: EN 1948 1
and EPA method 23. In the new revision 1 of the EN 1948:2005 this standard can also be applied for
long term sampling, To measure NH4Cl EN 1911-1 can be used for short term measurement.
Up to now no long term sampling method is available.
As a new sampling technology we present the addition of lime to the mixing chamber, which
allows the precipitation of HCl and NH4Cl together with PCDD/PCDF and the calculation of
the emitted NH4Cl particles.