Farhad Abedini


Farhad was appointed CEO of Rahino in 2013.With a master in EMBA, and BSc Electronic engineering. Farhad’s experience is vast and varied. He began his career with Industrial automation and telecommunication before filling a variety of senior management roles within Rahino, as a leading Instrumentation specialist.

He is also responsible in the areas of Strategic Marketing, Strategic and Business Planning and Corporate Development, as well as Fleet Development and Yield Management. He plays an instrumental role in the execution of key business transactions, namely the acquisition and sales.



Hamed Ghobadian


Hamed is an air and water pollution monitoring expert with extensive experience in design, consultant, maintenance and calibration of advanced analytical instrumentation.

He is the executive in charge of Rahino’s technological needs as well as its research and development (R&D) and leads the technology and engineering department.

He is responsible for technologies that run the company’s internal operations and business procedures.

Hamed holds a degree in Electronics Engineering, and has completed post-graduate studies in industrial instrumentation.



Alireza Falakian


Alireza jointed in 2015 as a financial manager before moving into sales and marketing and became Marketing manager in 2018. With many years’ experience, Alireza is often leading the marketing and sale plans. Alireza is responsible for overseeing the planning, development and execution of Rahino’s marketing and advertising initiatives.

He’s very keen to develop Rahino as a leader of innovative new products to the market.

Alireza holds a degree in income tax accounting, and has completed post-graduate studies in advanced financial accounting, plus has passed management courses HRM, CRM and ERP.