Touch Screen

Touch Screen color display


Over 24 hours of autonomy


Wi-Fi remote connection




650 g

Analyzer of

Spectrum, Oscilloscope and Radar Pulse

Memory card


1 Hz – 1 MHz


The new reference meter for the European Directive 2013/35/EU

NHT 3DL has been designed to measure electromagnetic fields in compliance with all the main international standards and regulations.

This device is able to adapt to future regulatory requirements using its completely reprogrammable system and structure.

NHT 3DL is ready for the 5G challenge, for the automotive/railway electric traction industry, the medical diagnostics field and wherever regulated industrial activities exist.

The NHT 3DL has been specifically designed to provide on board measurements of electromagnetic field characteristics in both time and frequency domains.

The bandwidth in both modes is 1 MHz.

Thanks to this solution it is possible to analyze and store complex waveforms with transitory/pulse features.

In the FFT Analysis mode, the device covers the 1 MHz band in four decades, 1/10/100/1,000 kHz with 1,000 points resolution per decade and automatic peak search markers.

In the Oscilloscope mode, it displays high-definition time frames with manual trigger function and Amplitude/Time marker.

In the broadband operating mode with RF probes from 100 kHz to 40 GHz, it demodulates the pulse signal base band up to 500 ns, with automatic measurement of Tau, PRF and Duty Cycle values.

This mode has been specifically designed for the Radar sources recognition and measurement.

NHT 3DL can be completely remotely controlled via fiber optic or wireless (Wi-Fi) connections.