Technical document
TUV Certific.


  1. total keeping of the general technical national and international regulations regarding the instruments for air quality control for suspended particulate matter
  2. very high quality standard of representative suspended PMx sampling phase (measurement of all physical parameters characterizing the sampling phase, operating flow rate control at sampling inlet level, automatic control of the flow rate measurement system calibration, automatic control of the presence and entity of pneumatic circuit losses, etc.)
  3. very high quality standard of the PMx samples mass determination phase, thanks to an innovative implementation of the ß technique, International Patent Pending, that uses a unique integral source+detector system and ancillary measures on “spy filters” (estimation and removal of the possible biases associated with the ß measurement)
  4. long working autonomy without the operator’s intervention, thanks to the automatic management of a lot of filter membranes (till 72)
  5. complete instrumental management also by remote connection via Modem (data acquisition, instrumental electronics and mechanics diagnostic and teleassistance). Possibility of automatic SMS (concentration data and main diagnostic information)
  6. very high quality standard of the servomechanisms engineering for the automatic management of the sampling cycles(real-time acquisition of the parameters characterizing every single mechanical movement and relative quality controls)

SWAM 5a Dual Channel Monitor inherits for the sampling the extraordinary versatility of the HYDRA Dual Sampler and it revolutionizes the implementation of the mass measurement technique, achieving precision levels such as to putting itself forward as an ideal candidate for the automatic reference methods for PMx measurement.


  • MONITOR Mode for the simultaneous sampling on two independent lines with associated mass measurement and possibility of drawing samples with different granulometric cut sizes (for example PM10 and PM2.5 or PM2.5 and PM1) High quality standard
  • REFERENCE Mode using one of the two sampling lines as auxiliary line to achieve particularly high metrological goals
  • HOURLY MODE (hourly) measurement of mass hourly concentration through a specific application of the BETA teclonogy. Measurement of the BETA activity associated with the Radon decay products, for the evaluation of the degree of mixing of the PBL.
  • Measurement range of Swam 5A Dual Channel Monitor: is 0-10000 ug/m3 (as per measuring range described in EN 16450) and the instrument has the possibility to increase the measurement range up to 50000 ug/m3 according to the customer request and using dedicated instrumental configuration (see “Specifications Swam dc _1 document” in special application description pag.2 )
  • Specifications Swam dc_1
  • Technical document

Technical specifications

Mass measurement operative interval Mass thickness till 5 mg/cm²
Mass thickness measurement reproducibility ±2 µg/cm²
Mass measurement reproducibility ± 10 µg; ± 15 µg; ± 23 µg respectively with sampling ß spot area 5.20; 7.07; 11.95 cm²
ß source 14C with 3.7MBeq (100 µCi) nominal activity
Operating flow rate Programmable in the range 0.8 – 2.5 m³/h
Flow rate measurement reproducibility 1% of the measured value
Flow rate measurement relative uncertainty 2% of the measured value
Filters Loader/Unloader capacity No. 36 filter cartridges (or 72 on demand)
Power supply 230 V (± 10%) 50 Hz single-phase
Absorbed electric power 1200 W (max)

SWAM5a Dual Channel Monitor – Certification  Monitor PM10 e PM2.5
Certification TUV: Report n. 936/21207522/A – Colonia, 23 march 2009
CertificaTION MCERTS: Certificato SIRA n. MC090148/02 – 22 july 2009

Germany:  VDI 4202. sheet 1 e VDI 4203, sheet 3
Europe:  EN 12341 (PM10), EN 14907 (PM2.5) Report “Demonstration of equivalence of ambient air monitoring methods” ; Direttiva 2008/50/EC

SWAM5a Dual Channel Monitor – Certificazione come Standard/Reference Sampler
Certification TUV: Report n. 936/212111111/A – Colonia, 11 may 2010

SWAM5a Dual Channel Monitor – Certification Versione HM
Certification TUV: Report n. 936/21215783/A – Colonia, 7 february 2012

SWAM5a Dual Channel Monitor -Certification Versione HM U.S.
Designation equivalent method: EQPM-0912-205 (PM10), EQPM-0912-204 (PM2.5), EQPM-0912-206 (PM10 – PM2.5)